The Enjoy Club — Learn how to feel free confident dynamic.

Master your almost-secret superpower. Cut stress anxiety doubt in 5 seconds. Anytime. The Ah Plan.

Welcome to The Enjoy Club

A community of friends dedicated to mastering their almost-secret superpower. Their shine. Inspiring each other to enjoy feeling
free confident dynamic.
Using The Ah Plan.


In your community you will find:

  • Simple and detailed instructions guiding you through The Ah Plan and your almost-secret, superpower.
  • Easy and practical methods to normalize The Ah Plan into an effortless habit.
  • Daily contemplations and inspirations helping you cut through stress, anxiety, self doubt.
  • Techniques for transforming the 5-second Ah Plan into a short regular Aholiday.
  • Quick and convenient group Ah Plan sessions with open discussion. 
  • Live deep-dive seminars on the unseen causes of stress, anxiety, self doubt. And how you use The Ah Plan to reveal your original and natural shine.
  • Step-by-step guidance through all the levels of The Ah Plan expanding your shine.
  • Additional advanced Ah Plan methods enhancing and sustaining your shine.

No credit card. No commitment. For you to join The Enjoy Club.

As a matter of fact, you don't even have to join the community. You can easily Explore to learn more. Join later if you want. Still free.

My name's Alexander. The founder of The Enjoy Club. Whether now or later, I certainly hope you join us. It opens your door to a community of new friends. Along with our personal connection as your guide.

Because I have only one goal here: To help you enjoy the free confident dynamic of you. Your almost-secret superpower. Your shine.

Welcome to The Enjoy Club. Time to enjoy your shine. See you in the club.

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